What is a Special Site?

Special sites on your property can be mapped on the MyLandPlan Tool.

Personal sites can be designated for sentimental reasons.  It can be a pretty piece of your woods that your parents or grandparents cherished, or one you and your family hold dear—any place you want to keep just the way it is.

Historical and archaeological sites offer a tangible connection to history. They may be the site of an historical event—a Civil War battlefield, for example—or contain artifacts from the past, such as tools, weapons or remnants of old buildings or roads.  

Cultural sites can include historical or archaeological elements, but are also important from a cultural, social or religious perspective. American Indian ceremonial or burial sites, traditional villages, or fishing and hunting grounds can all be valuable cultural resources. So can scatters of broken pottery, arrowheads, shells and bone. Some of these cultural resources are thousands of years old and are protected by law.

Geological, biological and ecological sites have rare or valuable natural features.  An outcropping of a rare mineral or rock or an unusual biological community, such as a stand of rare trees or a pitcher plant bog, have special ecological value and warrant extra care.

Why should I preserve these special sites? 


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