Water on your land

The MyLandPlan Tool can help you improve soil and water conservation in your woods.

From the water we drink to the ground we walk on, we’re relying on our woods. They don’t just provide beauty, enjoyment and a vital renewable resource—they safeguard our health and the health of our planet.

Trees help stabilize our soil and protect it from erosion, and they cycle nutrients back into the soil to keep it fertile and healthy. They also absorb rainfall and snowmelt and turn it into filtered freshwater that replenishes the rivers, lakes and underground aquifers communities depend on. In fact, forests provide most of the drinking water used in the United States.

You can help your woods safeguard our soil and water by managing for soil and water conservation. This section will help you find the right Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs) for your soil and water conservation goals. You’ll also learn how to care for  Lakes, Rivers, Streams  and Ponds on your land.

Soil and water are two of our world’s most precious resources, and they’re increasingly scarce. But you can help protect them for generations to come, just by keeping a few simple practices in mind as you care for your woods.


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