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Natural Disasters

There are ways to weather the storm and improve your forest's chances of survival.

Each year, freezes, fires, winds and floods damage thousands of acres of woodlands. No corner of our nation—and no woodland owner—is safe from  Mother Nature’s extremes.

When they happen, natural disasters can hurt your land and your financial health. You may find yourself left with a damaged property, a damaged home and a damaged sense of security. But with the right information, planning and help, you can weather the storm.

In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the more common natural disasters American landowners face: drought, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods and ice storms.

You’ll learn what these events are and how they affect your forest, how to protect your forest (and your home and family) from each event, and how to help your woods recover in the aftermath. We’ll also show you where to find more information and professional help, because disaster recovery isn’t something you should do alone.

Unfortunately, no amount of planning or preparation can prevent a natural disaster. But there are ways to keep your home and family safe and give your woods their best chance at surviving.

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