Scott Crosby
Crosby Forestry & GIS Services, LLC
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6728 NW 52nd Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32653
United States
Phone: 352-275-4332
Mobile: 352-275-4332
Service Area:
North Florida
Able to provide timber inventory, stand mapping and timber sales preparation and administration. Identification and control of invasive/exotic plants. Boundary line maintenance and marking, posting of boundary signs. Tract and stand mapping, development and maintenance of a GIS forestry geodatabase. GPS of tract features which can be included in a forestry geodatabase tailored for individual landowners.

Member of the Society of American Foresters since 1989 and have held various leadership positions in the Florida Division of SAF.
Bachelor of Science, Forest Resources and Conservation; University of Florida
Completed the Univeristy of West Florida's graduate GIS certificate program in May 2014.
29 years with the Florida Forest Service; first 7 years spent as a County Forester (serving Duval and Putnam counties) assisting private landowners. Since 1997 (as of 2007 promoted to a Forestry Supervisor II) I have been managing three state forests in Putnam County (Welaka, Etoniah Creek and Carl Duval Moore). I am a Florida Certified Prescribed Burn Manager, and an intermediate to somewhat advanced (level of expertise) user of ArcMap. Some experience with Python programming of GIS scripts. Well versed with using GPS equipment and hand held data recorders for timber inventory and timber sales data collection/cruises.
Success story:
In the process of conducting a tree farm inspection, I asked this particular landowner if he had a management plan for his property. He replied that he didn't and so I prepared one for him so that he could become certified in the Tree Farm program. The land had been planted to sand pine ~ 20 years ago and had been heavily thinned, to the point that the residual stand density was much lower than desirable. I advised him that since this tract was better suited to Longleaf pine, it should be clearcut and subsequently site prepared and planted. The first timber sale he did (thinning the sand pine plantation) was not done through a competitive bidding process, so he received a lower value for his timber than what he could have received. When I set up the second timber sale, it was done through the competitive bidding process, and he received a much higher stumpage value than what he thought he would receive. In addition, the buyer who bought the sale (a local highly reputable one in Putnam County) advised me that my estimated volume from my cruise came within 10% of the actual cut volume.

In addition, through the process of conducting the cruise, I discovered a patch of cogongrass and numerous Chinese tallow trees that most likely would not have been found if not for the intensity of the timber sale cruise. Control efforts for these two species have since been initiated, and are working effectively.
Services Offered
Enjoy It
  • Trail layout/maintenance
  • Aesthetic enhancements (timber stand improvement)
Protect It
  • Marking boundaries
  • Water quality protection/BMPs
  • Natural disaster damage assessment
  • Rare, threatened or endangered species protection plans
  • Pest and weed assessment/prevention
  • Pest and weed monitoring
  • Managing pest/weed outbreaks
Make it Healthy
  • Timber stand improvement
  • Water quality protection/BMPs
  • Pest and weed assessment/prevention
  • Pest and weed monitoring
  • Managing pest/weed outbreaks
  • Tree planting
  • Forest health survey and appraisal
Profit From It
  • Management plan
  • Timber sale administration
  • Inventory
  • Assessment
  • Timber stand improvement
  • Cost share sign ups
Map It
  • GIS mapping
  • Soils type mapping
  • Recreation – trails, points of interest, special sites
  • Natural features – wetlands, streams, waterfalls, water bodies, unique areas
  • Historic/cultural features – wells, stone walls, homesteads
  • Resources – forest types and stands
  • Society of American Foresters Certified Forester
Training / qualifications
  • American Tree Farm System Tree Farm Inspector
  • Society of American Foresters member