About My Land Plan

What is it?

MyLandPlan is a resource for woodland owners, by woodland owners to help you protect and enjoy your woods and is provided to you by the American Forest Foundation (AFF).

AFF works on behalf of family forest owners around the country who want to ensure their woods stay healthy for all the reasons why we love woods – wildlife, recreation, solitude, a place to enjoy with family and friends.

We know there is a lot of information available about woodland management from a variety of sources, but our hunch is that you have not found all that you are looking for in one single location. Until now!

Many of us at AFF own woodlands ourselves, and we built this website for woodland owners that are a lot like us – newbies to land ownership, legacy owners who inherited land, wildlife lovers, birders, and other recreational owners who value woods for all the fun activities woodland ownership provides.

MyLandPlan will help you do right by your land.

How it works

It all depends on what you need as a woodland owner. There’s lots of places to go on the site to get helpful information, or you might want to start right away with the planning tool to map your land and set your goals for your property. We’re here to help no matter what you choose to do.

The exclusive Land Plan tool gives you all kinds of easy ways to get more involved with keeping your woods healthy now and for the future. After you create a profile, you will have access to the Land Plan tool, an exclusive area of the website. The planning tool lets you:

  • Map the boundaries of your land
  • Add features and special sites like trails, special trees and other favorite spots
  • Set goals and plan actions to protect and care for your land
  • Receive information specially tailored for what you want to do on your land
  • Record your actions and experiences in your own personalized forest journal. Share them with others if you want.

Why use it?

You are among the lucky ones who own woodlands! You care about being a good steward of your woods and yet, there's a lot to know about keeping woods healthy, and it can be confusing. My Land Plan organizes this information for you and explains everything in easy to understand ways (no jargon!). The AFF planning tool helps you keep track of all your woodland activities and experiences in one place, which can then be shared with other family members and friends. And with this exclusive planning tool, you’ll receive specialized information to help you do right by your land. My Land Plan also connects you with woodland owners and professionals that share your love for the woods.

Why use it? Because your woods will thank you for it.