Get Help with Your Land

Sometimes landowners require professional help with their land. They may want to conduct a timber harvest, remove invasive species or get advice to improve wildlife habitat. 

Accessing help need not be expensive. Many nonprofit and government organizations share your goal of keeping your woods healthy. Moreover, there are government programs to help woodland owners make improvements.

This section describes people and organizations that provide assistance to woodland owners. It will help you figure out what services are available, and how to find the right provider.



A forester is trained in forestry—the art and science of managing forests sustainably. When you are making certain long term decisions for your woods it is important to find the right type of forester. Explore the section:


Ask a forester

Got questions about your land? Ask My Land Plan's network of professional foresters and get an answer. You must have a My Land Plan account and be logged in to use this feature. Also, check out our list of user questions.  



Loggers  harvest and transport trees, primarily for timber and forest products industries. A logger will work with you to harvest the trees marked by a forester. We also have advice on hiring a logger.


Wildlife biologists

Widlife biologists are specialists in creating and managing wild animal populations and habitats. Therefore they are best qualified to help landowners interested in attracting wildlife to their land.



Estate Planners

When planning for the future of your property, there’s a lot you have to decide and do for yourself. But there’s also a lot—particularly in our complex tax and legal system—that will require a professional’s help. That’s where an estate planner comes in.



STate Forest Agencies

Many state forestry agencies have service foresters that work with landowners. Service foresters are assigned specific regions in your state and know local conditions, and the threats and opportunities they present. Find the contact information for your state forestry agency here. 



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