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Nature's Playground

One of the reasons we own woods is that we like spending time in nature. Just being in the woods recharges the soul and brings people together. Whether you like
 hiking, biking, camping, hunting, birdwatching, fishing, or family picnics, this section has information to help you enjoy your woods to the fullest while staying safe and being responsible stewards. We hope that reading of all the fun your own forests have to offer may inspire you and your family to take up some new outdoor hobbies. You may have less time for some other activities... like watching TV or playing video games... but we promise you'll be happier and healthier for it. 

Wildlife Watching

There are few things more exciting than seeing an animal in the wild, something more than 71 million Americans take time to appreciate each year.


More than 12 million Americans a year hunt recreationally on public and private property. Regardless of their prize they’re out on the land for their health, their heritage, the thrill of the chase, and many other reasons.


Hiking is one of the oldest and most popular pasttimes in the world. It is a chance to get outdoors, and to be up close and personal with your land, and a way to enjoy its beauty in every season.


From snowy owls to whooping cranes to warblers, getting to know the immense diversity of bird communities that thrive in a healthy forest can be one of the great rewards of being a woodland owner.



Fishing is great activity whether you’re in a solitary mood or looking for a way to spend some quality time with family or friends. There’s nothing like spending time on the water, be it a wetland or a meandering stream.

Establishing your family's connection to the land

You may love your woods, but does the next generation share your love for the land? If they lack that connection, you can build and strengthen their affinity for the woods with a few simple steps.


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