Permitting and Licensing

Don’t forget, a permit and license is part of your hunting gear.

Before setting foot in your woods for a hunt, you’ll need to acquire a hunting permit and license. In the U.S., hunting is regulated at the state level, so regulations regarding hunting areas, seasons, harvesting techniques and educational requirements vary from state to state. You may also be required to purchase hunting tags. Tags are frequently required for big game and are used to limit the harvest.

Much of the revenue generated through the sale of licenses and permits goes toward conservation of wildlife species and their habitats. It is used to fund research as well as management and habitat improvement projects.

Information on permitting and licensing requirements and fees, as well as how and where they can be purchased, is usually available online through your state’s department of fish and wildlife or department of environmental protection. To find information for your state, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services’ list of state agencies that manage fish and wildlife resources. The International Hunter Education Association maintains a similar resource, as well as a list of Hunter Education Requirements by state.

Also, check with your state for information on hunting seasons and bag limits, hunting areas, reporting systems and best practices.

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