Why sign up

MyLandPlan offers a unique and specialized set of tools to help you find, store and use material that is especially tailored to your needs and goals. To access these tools, you will have to sign up for an account and give us some basic information about your woods, which will be stored in a confidential, password protected site.

Once you set up an MLP account, you will be able to:

  • Make a map of your land and mark special features such as trails, water bodies, good picnic spots or places where you're likely to see wildlife.
  • Set goals for your land--such as increasing wildlife or building trails--and see specific steps to accomplish them.
  • Access customized information about local government agencies, nonprofits and businesses that can help you with specific tasks and questions.
  • Keep a journal to record your experiences on your land in words and pictures. Share journal entries with your friends and family
  • Connect with other woodland owners who can offer you advice, ideas, inspiration and encouragement. Offer them the same in return.

Signing up is easy. You will need to enter your email address so we can identify you and a password to secure your account. We also request contact information so we know where your woods are located and can customize the information you see. We promise to keep this information safe and confidential. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.

So, are you ready to take MyLandPlan for a test drive?