The Difference Between a Forester and a Logger

What Is The Difference Between a Logger and a Foresters?

This is a question that we often get from landowners who we work with.  This page should help you understand the important role each plays in the health of your woods. 

A Forester should be looking out for the health of your woods.

What does a Forester do?

A forester can work with you to realize the goals you have for your land.  Whatever your goals are, from having a beautiful healthy woods to enjoy, or creating wildlife habitat, or sustainably harvesting trees for income.  Forester can develop a plan for your land that meets your goals while ensuring a healthy forest for the future.

What does a Logger do?

Once you and your forester develop a plan for your woods, a logger can help you with certain activities in that plan.  When you and your forester have identified trees that need to be removed, whether for income or forest health (thinning for wildfire resiliency or pests or wildlife) or creating wildlife habitat then a logger will cut them down (harvest) and remove those trees. The logger can then transport the trees to a local mill.   

What training does a Forester have?

Forester are professional who have gone through a forestry program at a university.  There are several professional association that your forester might be a member of, including the Society of American Foresters (SAF), the Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF) or the Professional Forest Guild


What training does a Logger have?

Many loggers receive on the ground training. Some state agencies, logging companies or trade associations have training programs for loggers.  There also might be a logger certification program in your state.  Be sure to check with your state agency to find out if there is a certification program in your state.  

How do I find a Forester to work with?

Like the other professionals you work with in your life, whether they be doctors, lawyers, tax accountants or foresters, you want to find someone that you trust and can have a good working relationship with.  We have many resources on how to find a Foresters, including the Forester Directory where you can evaluate foresters in your area, review their experiences and qualifications and request a consultation through the

How do I find a Logger to work with?

You have invested a lot of resources and time in your land so it is very important to find a reputable logger to work with.  We have developed a check list of things to think about when looking for a logger.  Most important is to have a signed contract that clearly lays out the work your logger will be doing including any clean-up or damage that might need to be addressed. 



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