Finding and Hiring a Consulting Forester

You don't need to search far and wide for a great professional; The MyLandPlan Tool will help you choose the best consulting forester for your family's woodlands.

One way to find a good forester is to ask your friends and neighbors to suggest someone that they have worked with (but be sure to check their qualifications). You can also use one of the following directories.

Once you have chosen a consulting forester, you have to work out how and how much they will be paid. There are several ways to structure this relationship. Most consultants have a range of rates depending upon the forestry service to be provided, the property size, travel distance and time required. A forester may charge by the hour, day, acre or the job. With timber sales, consultants often charge by a percentage of the gross sale income. Some foresters may have a minimum fee for specific services.

When you have worked out the terms of employment, be sure they are incorporated into a written contract and signed by you and your consultant forester.

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Use the Forester Directory to request a consultation with a forester near you. 

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