What do you want to do with your land?

Do you want to just kick back and enjoy your woods? Maybe you’ve been wondering about ways to keep your trees healthier? Create better wildlife habitat? Maybe you’ve even thought about ways to profit from the timber on your land, but you just don’t know what are the next right steps. You may also have wondered about how to ensure your woods will be passed on to future generations.

While woodland owners share a lot in common, what you want to do on your land is an individual decision, and there’s a lot to consider as a woodland owner.

My Land Plan is here to help you think about, and plan for, what you want to do on your land.

Create your free account on MyLandPlan.org and join the thousands of woodland owners across the country who are mapping their land, setting their goals and learning what they can do to enjoy their land and keep it healthy. 

Man and son walking in the woods

Enjoy it

The possibilities for having fun in your woods are virtually endless. Find ideas on how to enjoy your woods to the fullest, safely and responsibly.

Tree damaging insect

Protect it

Today's fragmented and stressed forests are fragile and need your care. Learn how to keep your woods safe from human threats and natural disasters.

Tree sappling

Make it healthy

See how you can keep your woods healthy and beautiful for generations.

Landowner and a consulting forester

Profit from it

Your woods can be good for your spirits and your pocket. Learn about the different ways to earn income from woods - from sustainable timber to carbon credits.

Father and toddler


Pass it on

You love your woods and you want to keep them in the family for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. The only way to ensure that is to plan for it now.



Use the AFF online tool to plan for the future of your woods in a fun and easy way. We will help you prioritize your goals for your land.

No matter where you are in deciding what you want to do with your land, My Land Plan is with you every step of the way. May the forest be with you!