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Welcome, foresters, wildlife biologists and other nature resource professionals!

American Tree Farm System and Society of American Foresters logos is stacked with useful information for landowners who are just getting started learning about their land and how they can become better stewards.  It features tools for mapping property, setting management goals and tracking activities, along with a forest journal where landowners can document and share their experience in their woods with family and friends.

Proceed to sign up > is an opportunity for you to expand your reach to landowners who are not predisposed to actively managing their land.

You can help woodland owners take their management activities to the next level by advertising your services. This site will serve as a recommendation engine by actively presenting information about foresters based on location, certification, services and expertise.

Sample forester profileThe site is built around the same question that many professionals begin the consultation process with:  “What do you want to do with your land?”

As landowners engage with the site and build their plan, they will be able to share their plan with you and give you an advanced glimpse of their needs.

Let us know how we can improve by clicking the Feedback button on the left of the screen at any time.  We will continue to add new features for consulting professionals and landowners, so let us know what is most important to you.

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