Ties to the Land Worksheet: The Heirloom Scale

Legacy Planning: Create a bright future

Take a moment to think about your land and what it means to you and your estate

Is it a part of your portfolio, like stocks or a retirement account, or is it something that means more to you than just a dollar figure?  For many of our landowners, their land is not something they would easily consider selling, rather it has values that are more than just financial.  Why is this important? The values you place on your land can help you determine how to develop your estate plan and what tools might be appropriate for you.  For example, if you want your land to stay forested forever, perhaps a working forest conservation easement is right for you.  If you want to pass your land on to your family intact, there are other options that can help address estate taxes while maintaining the integrity of the property.  The results of your Heirloom Scale will help your estate planning professionals develop a plan that fits you, your family and your land.  Take some time to complete this worksheet, then we'll email you the results

This Heirloom Scale has been adapted from the Oregon State University's Ties to the Land programTies to Land provides the essential tools and resources that help woodland owners make the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives and pass their land to succeeding generations.

Do you have multiple owners for your land?  Perhaps it is just you and your spouse?  Or maybe it includes extended family members.  Each person might have number on the heirloom scale, so we recommend each owner completes this worksheet on their own.  Please share this worksheet!

Think about where you are on the Heirloom Scale: 1 = my property is one of the financial assets in my portfolio and nothing more or is it a 10 = my property is a priceless family heirloom to be protected at all costs. Or are you somewhere in between? Select the number that is right for you.
Where is your land on the Heirloom Scale? *