Ties to the Land Worksheet: Values and Goals

How will your land look in the future?

This worksheet has been adapted from the Oregon State University's Ties to the Land programTies to Land provides the essential tools and resources that help woodland owners make the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives and pass their land to succeeding generations.

What do you think your land will look like in 10 year? 20 year? 30 years?  Will it still be in your family?  Will it still be forested?  Careful planning of your estate can help make these goals a reality.  Estate planning professionals can help you craft a plan that fits your goals.  But the first step is to write down what you'd like to happen.  So take a few moments to complete the Values and Goals worksheet.  We'll email your completed worksheet once you are done

Do you have multiple owners for your land?  Perhaps it is just you and your spouse?  Or maybe it includes extended family members.  Each person might have different values and goals so we recommend each owner completes this worksheet.  So please share this worksheet!