Cutting 400 acres of timber

We have 1600 acres in NE Texas, and I'm going to be cutting about 400 acres of timber. No pine, and the logger plans to do a selective thinning of only smaller pulp wood trees, and leave the larger trees, as their de-limbing machine can't handle these larger trees and he says there is no market for them. There is no hardwood, I don't think. He said all the good trees have been taken long ago. It was all cut about 10 years ago, and we do have some old beautiful growth we aren't cutting because of the beauty and the wildlife. My question is, is cutting the smaller trees and leaving the bigger trees the best way? It's mostly swampy land, with a bayou running through most of it. They plan to leave 50' on each side of the bayou untouched. The land is overgrown on the forest floor, like a jungle. We can't even get to a lot of it. This should make some new roads that we can maintain from here on. We also lease out the hunting: deer, hogs, duck, quail, etc. I want to make sure I'm improving the health of the forest, and not degrading it. I have a map on here, if that helps.

You really need to have a Forester take a look at this for you to determine which trees should go out.  

Writing a cutting prescription based on what a loggers equipment can handle is seldom a good idea.

Your Forester will be able to write a management/cutting plan that will benefit your forest and will find a logger that will cut the correct trees and get you the best price possible.

Give me a call if you need help finding a good forester.