Forest consultant for less than 10 acres?

I have about 8-10 acres with mixed hardwoods. Around 100 trees 16" in diameter up to 23".
My neighbors land joins mine, he is having a logger he knows and trusts cut his timber. This logger asked me if I am interested while he is there. He gets half. I would get a check from the place he sells the logs.
I have talked to a couple consultants, and they are willing to do this size tract.
My question is would the bids be low because of the size tract, would I most likely be just as well off with the guy that is already out here?
1 consultant is involved in a cutting within 10 miles, and said he would be interested because of working nearby already.
To answer your question, no your parcel is not too small to put the timber out to bid. I have put timber sale bids out for properties on 10 acres and have had good success. The key is the species you have and the quality. If the quality is good and there are only say 100 trees that is OK. If the quality is marginal then you would likely have a tough time selling the wood. You might also consider hiring a consulting forester to mark and tally the timber and come up with a price and then offer that price to the logger to pay you lump sum. If the logger doesn't want to go for that, then he might not be worth using.