Garli Mustard in a stream corridor - marl fen and upland - in Western NY

LOTS, some in with very diverse native stuff. Please comment on my tentative plan...I was 'hearing' that Round-up on a 55 degree winter thaw day would be good. Few active growing natives.OK. I'd wait a week and winter sow, say blue stem and grama grasses.
How about Triclopyr or Dicamba to reduce damage to grasses that seem to be growing?

Dear Mark,

While Roundup will do a solid job of wiping out the garlic mustard, be careful of how much and where it's sprayed. The chemical won't discriminate and is likely to wipe out the native growths as well. It can also remain in the ground for an average of 47 days.

Given your mixed vegetation tricoplyr may work better, and should cause less damage to your grasses in both the near and long term. If you find you've missed any you can try ripping out the last few garlic mustard plants by hand. Also be careful with the timing on when you apply the chemical, as rain within a few hours will wash away the herbicide.

For more information The Woodland School has a great fact sheet.



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