Herbicide for pine replanting

I am having 15 acres of over grown pines harvested and it will be replanted this winter. The pine will be chipped for wood pellets due to the dense low value of the pine stand. Due to the type of harvest (biomass) logging debris will be to the minimum. After replanting with loblolly pine what type of herbicide should I use for the first two seasons to limit herbaceous growth around the pines? I was looking at generic oust. is this a good product. Property is in North Alabama on flat sandy loam.

Mr. Jim,


If the pine was old enough to produce cones and seed, don't forget to add something before planting that will take care of any "wildlings" (pine seedlings from seed) that would inhibit the growth of the new stand.

Atrazine 4L is labeled for forestry plantings of loblolly pine to control broadleaf and grass weeds.