How can we compare our financial return of our purchased & managed timberland with the stock market

Over the last 10 years we have bought two tracts of land adjacent to some forest land we inherited about 20 years ago. How can we calculate our financial return on these parcels of managed timberland with the stock market? For the calculation we want to include the income from thinning, clear cutting and replanting of the forest, both with and without including the purchase price of the land . It would be great if you could recommend a formula we could use, or someone who can share a formula with us.

Thank you very much,
John & Babs Highfill

Dear John and Babs,

That's a fantastic question, and one that I unfortunately have a good answer to. Our best suggestion would be to contact both a forester and a financial planner for some help in working out a solid comparison. If you or anyone else has a great formula we will happily post it here!



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