How do I change the "satellite" view to leaf-off?

The map is using a summer "leaf on" map in the Google map view. This makes it very difficult for me to see where the line is between deciduous and evergreen stands, and makes it impossible to see paths, stone walls, and fence lines.

At work, (I am a forester and wildlife biologist) I always use a leaf-off view when mapping the 80,000 acres that I manage. I want to use MyLandPlan at home, since I just have 8 acres or so of my own, and ArcGIS is overkill! I know that Google Maps has the ability to change the date of the aerial photographs used, and I know there are plenty of April aerial photos in Google Maps for my area. Is there anyway to do this with MyLandPlan? Without this, it makes it pretty much impossible to draw stands in the northeast.

Dear Brian,

Unfortunately My Land Plan doesn't have that feature as of yet. Stay tuned though! We will be shortly launching a feature to allow you to use GPS data points to map your land. We will send out a message to our users when this feature is live.


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