How do you document the price recieved and the amount of timber in a Timber Deed?

I think out of all of the timber deeds I have ever used or ever been involved in, none of them ever specified the exact sale price or the timber volume in question.  Timber deeds are recorded at your local courthouse and so become a matter of public record.  Most people don’t want it known that they sold their timber and received $XXX,XXX.XX for it and prefer to keep that part of the deal private.  Often the deed will read something such as “For the sum of $10.00 and other consideration…”

As far as the volume, most deeds that I have ever seen specify something such as “All merchantable timber” and set the time frame in which the purchaser shall remove the timber (18 – 24 months is customary in my area).  After the allowable time for removing the timber, title to any remaining trees reverts back to the landowner usually.  Hope this is helpful.