How to get out of a logging contract?

On July 12, 2018 I signed a contract for $2,300 for the purchase of trees. You gave me a deposit of $500. At the time I asked you how many trees you are looking at and you said about 40-50 trees which would be about two and half truckloads. You went back and marked them by yourself, you did not want to wait for me to go back to see what you were marking.
Later I went back and counted the trees that were marked and there were about 140 trees not 40-50 trees. So, I called and said I needed more money and you said we could talk about it when we start cutting, that you would be back in about 4 weeks because you were having trouble with your machine.
Finally, the beginning of October you came out and cut five trees and the machine broke down.
When it got cold out in December, I called to let you know the swamp was frozen and you could get in. We had that cold spell till mid-February and never saw you. I texted you on February 26 to see what was going on. You said you were planning on waiting till summer now.
Now I have someone interested and wants to start cutting in the next few weeks. So I contacted you to let you know that and you said you planned on being out here before the end of March. Now in your text you want to wait till summer. It sounds like I can’t rely on your word.
I am enclosing a check for the $500 deposit that you gave me and am terminating our contract as of March 10. I feel you have not stood up to your end of the contract.

Hi Richard, 

It sounds like this is a copy of a letter you wrote to a logger, did they respond to this?

Always a good idea to hire a Forester to manage your timber sale for you, they have the experience and knowledge to prevent situations like this from happening, and will generally get you significantly more money for your timber at the same time.

Give me a call and I can advise you on hiring a good Forester and Attny to get your project back on track.