How to start over a stand of loblolly pines ?

About 1-5-2 years ago I signed a contact to get a field planted in loblolly pines. I am a beginner young tree farmer and wanted to have a “testing” ground for growing pines. I noticed my pines were not growing as I thought they should be and I compared them with other tracts that were planted about the same time mine were - something was wrong. I have had 2 foresters visit my stand and both said that I had a 20% success rate and that I would need to start over.
My question is : some of my pines are growing a majority of them are not. Should I bush hog the stand back down and burn it then have them replant it ? Should I bush hog it and spray it then replant ? I am in question as to what steps I should follow to start the process all over again ?
The stand is a 1 acre field - it used to be a food plot that the loblollies were planted in. I was told the company the trees cane from had some issues with a majority of their seedlings which resulted in why my trees did not come up.

What is the best method to follow to have a higher chance of success with this secondary planting ?

Thanks for your help !!

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