I own 65 acres of property near Cortland, N.Y. The property was a Christmas tree farm back in the 70's. There are 50 acres of varying species of pine and spruce trees, many in the 6" to 10" diameter range. I would like to remove at least 50% of the

trees. How do I establish a value for them.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your question!

My Land Plan does have some tools to help out. To help you establish a price on your trees I would recommend consulting a forester. They can help you with the initial assessment and other recommendations.

To find a forester near you in My Land Plan, just go to the site and click the Find a Forester under the FAQ section. Simply enter your zip code and the distance from you and there should be a range of options.

Here is the link as well: Find a Forester.
Alternatively, on your own My Land Plan page, on the bottom left side is a section showing the nearest foresters to you:
Once you have found a suitable match, just click on the "request a consultation" button to email the forester. You can also share the map of your land and the plan as it stands on our site to help them prepare a bit for the meeting.
Afterwards just remember to fill out an evaluation under "I have worked with this forester"! It allows other MLPer's to get your opinion on their work, and to make better decisions on who to work with in the future.
Additionally, we have a webinar that may help you with the taxes on timber after the fact, you can check it out here:
Daniel Hubbell
If you have any other questions, feel free to email us again at info@mylandplan.org.