I recently purchased two acres and home for major renovation. I have a wealth of trees, several of which I need to remove for construction. Rather than pay a tree specialist to cut and remove them without knowing where they go, can I bring someone in

who will remove the trees, pay me a nominal fee and repurpose them for reclaimed wood reconstruction? Is there such a source?

2 acres does not provide a lot of area to have a profitable harvest especially when only selecting several trees. But a lot of that depends number of trees, quality, volume, distance to markets etc.  If they're more "open grown" and not straight "forest grown" trees then they're not likely worth anything.  Some major cities have an urban wood program to salvage wood products from city trees.  Perhaps a google search of your area would yield some information.  Otherwise, talk to a local consulting forester, describe your project and he will know what the best move is.