is it feasible to cut timber from 1 acre of land for income. We would not want clearcutting, but select cutting of some premium trees.

Ms Patricia,


Mike is right, depends on the size of the trees. If they are "average" or smaller, there probably wouldn't be much advantage in cutting.


Another possibility, if the trees are small - maybe someone cuts firewood for the public and would cut trees you designate. Remember, a "firewood cord", in most areas, is 1/2 of a standard cord of 128 cubic feet.





Generally an operator would need more trees than what grow on a single acre to cover the fixed costs of moving equipment onto a site.  While working for a sawmill I had purchased timber from lots as small as 3 acres, that was an exception that contained a high percentage of large, high quality saw timber trees and we were working on an adjoining parcel.


It may be possible to work with an operator that moves small quantities of logs with smaller equipment, and possibly even have a portable mill on site, but that is a specialty that is tough to find in most areas.  Before contracting with any operator, protect yourself by requesting proof that they have the proper training and insurance.