Most of my trees are large Mesquite trees. There is some kind of bettle that bores through the dead ones and eat the wood . NOw they are boring into the live ones and killing trees. I need help or advice on how to control these beetles.

Hey Tommy,

Thank you for your question! The best fit beetle I can find for something as resilient as a Mesquite tree looks like the twig girder. Female girders bore into Mesquite trees, making grooves around some of the branches. In the long term these may cause branches to die and fall off. The good news is that if these are tree girders, they don't pose a threat to the tree's overall health, in spite of the unsightly damage they cause to parts of it.

For more information Texas A&M has some more detailed information on the beetles, along with forestry contacts who may be able to help you locally with the species.



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