My land was logged a few years back and many ferns have grown in the open areas. Do ferns offer any value. I am considering mowing them down where I can, then planting pine seedlings or plants to attract wildlife. Any suggestions?

I bought the land this year, 30 acres with a creek running through it. The previous owner had the land select cut. There are many poplar, some oak, maple and white birch still there. Where the floor was open to sunlight ferns have grown and seem to stop anything else from growing. I am considering trying to eliminate the ferns to plant things more desirable to wildlife like deer and fowl.

Dear Douglas,

To the best of my knowledge ferns offer little value, and the presence of bracken can deter wildlife. If you are attempting to remove the ferns, this can be somewhat challenging, as the plant can maintain a complex root structure, this site can offer some suggestions:


Daniel Hubbell
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