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We have recently cleared about 5 acres or so of extremely dense, artificially planted, white pine, leaving most of the native oak, birch and other hardwoods in an effort to grow some ground cover/feed areas for game. This was extremely expensive.

We have an additional 49 acres or so which, over time, we would like to treat in the same way. Can you direct us to the sources of local, State of RI, Federal or other funding sources to assist with such a program?

We border Nature Conservancy land on our south west border, as well as RI Route 1A on the south border and RI Route 110 (a scenic highway) on our western border. To our north, is land owned by our daughter, and to her north is land also owned by us, but with easements granted by us to the South Kingstown Land Trust. Combined, these 3 parcels are about 99 acres...

Can you help?


Robert Leeson, Jr
259 Ministerial Road (a scenic highway)
Wakefield, RI 02879

A consulting forester should know about programs provided by NRCS or your State forestry department.  A good place to begin looking for a forester is through our professional organization, the Society of American Foresters (SAF).  Using the following link, select your state, leave everything else blank and submit a search.  A forestry consultant is probably preferred, but some one associated with the state may be a helpful, non-biased source of information.

You can also contact your conservation district office and see what information they have available on foresters or cost-share programs.