Should I allow a third party to use my land for access to someone else's timber cutting?

A gentleman approached me this week to ask my permission to let him use my land to gain access to a neighboring property where this gentleman is going to cut timber. He mentioned paying me $1,000 for this access. My concern is that he will likely have to cut some of my trees in order to create a logging road, and I am also concerned that erosion will occur on my property as a result of the logging road he wants to make. My son spoke with my forester, but my forester had little advice to offer. I am hoping that someone with My Land Plan will have some good advice and suggestions to offer that will aid me in making the best decision regarding the use and protection of my property. Thank you.

Get a forester who belongs to the Association of Consulting Foresters! 

In the Southeast, the prediction is for a wet winter.  Water is the enemy of all roads.  It is your land, and up to you to protect it.

At the least, have the logger post a performance bond (the amount determined by a general contractor based on the damage possible to your land).


Roger Sauerborn, ACF, RF