Survey, tree planting leveling ground

Need help with finding a survey and planting trees for healthy land just information

Hey Belinda,

Thank you for your question! We have a few sections on My Land Plan that might be able to help.
For planting the trees themselves I would recommend checking out our section here:

In regards to conducting a survey of the land I would recommend that you contact a forester in your area. They will be able to help with the survey, or help you find a licensed local surveyor.

There are two ways to find a local forester using My Land Plan:

1) On your Land Plan you will see a section on the left hand side that will show your Nearest Foresters.  This information is pulled from the data you have entered in for your land plan.  You can click on the foresters name and view their profile or you can click on View the Full List of Foresters to do a larger search. 

2) When you are looking on our content pages, you will see the Who Can Help navigation on the left hand side.  If you click on Find A Forester, you can search for foresters near you by entering in your zip code.

By clicking the orange "request a consultation" button you can get into contact with the forester. Just remember to fill out a brief description of the work you two do together afterwards. By filling out the section under "I have worked with this forester" you can help other MLPers make a more educated decision in the future.


Daniel Hubbell
If you have any other questions feel free to email us at