Tree Farm Certification "How To"?

My father and I own 50 acres in Oneida County, NY. We are wondering what the process is to get our property certified as a tree farm. We have had the NYS DEC Forester come to our property, and write up a Forest Stewardship Plan. We have also hired a private forester to evaluate our property. We also have a land plan on "Herold Family".

Mr. Herold,

Congratualtions on taking action to improve the health and enjoyment of your woodlot, you have made great strides to being a Certified Tree Farm.  The next step I recommend is letting your forester know you are interesed in being a part of the American Tree Farm System.  Many foresters in New York are among our corps of Inspecting Foresters and can do the necessary inspections to certify your property.  If your forester is not part of our network, you can contact the Area Chair for Oneida Co. (Eric Hirschey, North Country Forestry Services - or the NY Program Administrator (Liana Gooding -