We are clearing 13 acres in NE texas. we will plant pine and oak next january/february. how do I control weeds,grass and new tree groth in the next 7-8 months?

You may also look for assistance from your local Texas A&M Forest Service field office. Services are free of charge, and the local district forester & staff will offer recommendations based on the objectives you have for the 13 acres. To find your local office...http://txforestservice.tamu.edu/main/article.aspx?ctrl=10


You don't really need to do anything right now. Just let the weeds/sprouts grow until August or September, then spray with imazapyr (Arsenal is one brand name) and perhaps metsulfuron (Escort XP). If there are "wild" pine seedlings present (or the area was previously pine) you might want to add glyphosate (RoundUp) to the mix. A surfactant-sticker-spreader such as Nu-Film-IR can be added to "stick" the herbicide to the leaf surface and add rainfastness (and it's main ingredient is made from pine trees). AND ALWAYS apply according to the manufacturers directions. If you want more specific info try srs.fs.usda.gov.