what is pine "woodsrun"??

Pay-as-cut offer by the ton for the products I'm familiar with: hardwood sawtimber & pulpwood; pine sawtimber, chip 'n saw, pulpwood, and "woodsrun"???? Actually, 2 others were "poles" (same amt per ton as sawtimber) & "tops" (which I figure would ordinarily be slash). But "pine woodsrun" concerns me; offer for pine products: sawtimber = 25, CNS = 12, then in the middle is woodsrun = 16. Just seems fishy, I've searched high & low & can't find anything about woodsrun (& I'm in the SE USA)l, the Pine Belt).

Definition of woodsrun, advice based on offer for it, ST, CNS? I have consulting fotester that says take it, but his nephew is buyer, so obvious conflict of interest.

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