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Should I plant younger trees in an area that has several old growth firs? 2 years 3 months none
I will like to grow Burma Padauk and Berchemia zeyher among other things like citrus, etc and claim it as a farm can I?? 4 months 3 weeks none
For 25 years we are overwelmed with marijuana plants growing on our wood lot. We have cut them down and burned them and used herbicide but they keep coming back in a new location. What can we do to get rid of them. 7 years 6 months none
Is it possible to have the back of our property logged to get rid of the large trees? We live in a residential area in Mead, WA. 5 years 10 months none
How to start over a stand of loblolly pines ? 4 years 4 months none
What is the market for Paulownia Tree? 2 years 2 months none
How do I find a logger to purchase pine trees in Lavinia, Tennessee 38321 1 month 4 weeks none
I currently purchased 30+ acres and I have had some people say that I need to clear cut and start over and some say thin it. 7 years 6 months none
What can you do to help produce better crop trees in 30-60 years? 5 years 5 months none
What do we do once the harvesting is completed? What are the responsibilities of the harvesting company? 4 years 2 months none
Creating a first year plan for a recent clear 57 acre purchase near McDermott Ohio. 2 years 2 months none
What activities or tasks do I need to do to accomplish "fire mitigation" of my property? 7 years 5 months none
Subdivision next to my land has a Laguna draining onto my property without my permission. What can I do 5 years 3 months none
Porter Farm 4 years 1 month none
Conducting a Burn 2 years 3 weeks none
so i have just over 4 acres and was wondering if i could sell any of the timber on it ? 7 years 5 months none