Doug Enyart
Clearwater Forest Consultants, LLC
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PO Box 176
105 North Main Street
Piedmont, MO 63957
United States
Phone: 573-223-7010
Mobile: 573-429-7800
Service Area:
Missouri & surrounding states
I provide as broad a spectrum of services as possible for my clients. Some clients need only one time services in a very focused area, such as a casualty loss for tax purposes, other clients need a wide variety of services. Services may include both forest and wildlife management as well as land/property management, such as road location and construction supervision.
I hold a Bachelor's Degree from Humboldt State University in Forestry.
I have over 30 years experience working in different forest types for state, federal, and private employers, and as a consulting forester for the last 17 years. In private practice I have worked for private landowners, on large and small tracts, for state & federal agencies, banks, insurance companies, investment groups, and non-government organizations. I have experience in every facet of forest management.
Success story:
One timber sale experience: The family spokesperson contacted me for a timber basis (tax work) job. He told me they had a tentative agreement with a local timber buyer for $50,000. Moreover, the local state forester had looked at the timber and told them it was a fair deal. After completing the inventory I provided the information they needed to make a better decision. They had me sell the timber for them, for $243,000.
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Services Offered
Enjoy It
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Trail layout/maintenance
  • Wildlife habitat cost share programs
  • Aesthetic enhancements (timber stand improvement)
Protect It
  • Marking boundaries
  • Security and protection monitoring
  • Water quality protection/BMPs
  • Natural disaster damage assessment
  • Timber theft appraisal and expert witness testimony
  • Special site protection plans
  • Rare, threatened or endangered species protection plans
  • Pest and weed assessment/prevention
  • Pest and weed monitoring
  • Managing pest/weed outbreaks
Make it Healthy
  • Timber stand improvement
  • Water quality protection/BMPs
  • Pest and weed assessment/prevention
  • Pest and weed monitoring
  • Managing pest/weed outbreaks
  • Tree planting
Profit From It
  • Management plan
  • Timber sale administration
  • Inventory
  • Assessment
  • Timber stand improvement
  • Cost share sign ups
  • Tax law programs
  • Hunting leases
  • Forest certification
  • Appraisal and valuation
  • Income and capital gains tax planning
  • Natural disaster salvage and recovery
Pass It On
  • Conservation easements
  • Intergenerational transfer
Map It
  • Soils type mapping
  • Recreation – trails, points of interest, special sites
  • Natural features – wetlands, streams, waterfalls, water bodies, unique areas
  • Resources – forest types and stands
  • Society of American Foresters Certified Forester
  • The Association of Consulting Foresters of America
Training / qualifications
  • American Tree Farm System Tree Farm Inspector
  • Quality Deer Management