Attract Wild Turkey

I'm confused as to why our land doesnt have many wild turkeys. Is there something i should be doing to attract them?

Hi Rush,

Thanks so much for your question about attracting turkeys on your land.  We have some basic information about wild turkeys and how to attract them on your land in the Enjoy it section of My Land Plan.  You can also check out this article on how to "Improve Habitat for Wild Turkey."

If you would like some more specific information for your property, you can email with some additional details like where your property is located, what trees you have on your property and any other info you might have about their age, how close together the trees are as well as other information about what other features you might have on your land (water sources, food sources, etc.) and I can find an expert in your area to provide some additional recommendations.


Caroline Kuebler

Project Manager for My Land Plan