Can anyone advice me on plants that can assist in the remediation of acidic soil.

I have a section of my property that was an old manganese strip mine, The soil in that area is very acidic. It has been recommended to me that I spread lime and fertilizer to bring down the PH of the soil, then plant buckwheat or other acidic tolerant cover crop. At this time I don't have any ability to pay to have this done. Is there and plants that I can plant that will help bring back the soil in the interim till I can afford the lime/fertilizer treatments. Thank you.

Hi James,

Thanks for your question.  For plant recommendations, I would reach out to your local extension foresters to see if they might have some recommendations for your specific locations. 

I would also recommend checking out the Farm Bill programs and talking with someone at your local USDA Service Center to see if there might be some opportunities to get cost share assistance.

Hope that helps!