Coppicing for sustainable woodlot

I've been reading about coppicing (pollarding), a practice that was widespread in Europe a couple hundred years ago. It is extremely productive (4-5 times the woodfuel production of a regular woodlot), and maintains the trees in a juvenile state so that the stand has greatly extended longevity. Various sources, including an article at, recommend coppicing as a best practice for firewood (and a number of other purposes). HOWEVER, I've had difficulty finding a forester who can guide me in implementing this on my land. Do you know of anyone in the Western Massachusetts region who could help me with this project?

Hello Alina,

Great question.  Unfortunately I don't have any specific recommendations about foresters with expertise around coppicing in MA but I did find the article you mentioned.  Here is the contact from the article: Kevin Smith, Supervisory Plant Physiologist, US Forest Service Northern Research Station.  He might have some insights on who you could talk to.

Caroline Kuebler

Program manager for