Cost share programs in Tennessee?

My family pretty much clear cut the 93.5 acres about 1.5 years ago. The land has sat with logger roads and tree tops all over since and is a wild mess. My husband and I are trying to bring some structure back and are looking for help developing a management plan and finding cost share. I am having significant trouble at the local level as I am not from the area and am not aware of the resources.

Ms Jaime,


Please don't wait too much longer to decide on either natural or artificial regeneration. If you decide to replant (don't know where the tract is located, so can't recommend what to plant), some site prep and a burn would allow the planters to effectively get the trees in the ground. Waiting much longer makes the planting extremely difficult (with resultant lower survival rates for the planted trees).



Hi Jaime,

Thanks so much for your question!  I would recommend contacting both your local TN state forestry agency and your local USDA Service Center.  Your state forestry agency should be able to provide some good advice the best way to get a management plan developed and if there are any applicable state cost share programs.  You can find your local contact here: and your USDA Service Center here:

The 2008 Farm Bill had a lot of great programs that woodland owners could apply to.  To learn about the different program:

You can also hire a consulting forester who can help you develop a management plan.  We also have information on how to choose the right consulting forester for you and your land.  The My Land Plan Forester Directory can help you find a forester nearby, see screenshot below on where to look for this information on your land plan:

Hope that is helpful!

Caroline Kuebler

My Land Plan Project Manager