A couple questions

1) printouts - maybe I am looking in the wrong place but I don't see a place where you can print out MyLandPlan
2) kml import/export. Some folks like using GE and might feel more comfortable being able to import their kmls rather than re-creating them in MLP. Forest*A*Syst has something worked out with NRCS's Web Soil Survey (WSS) that allows a kml point feature to be directly loaded onto the WSS platform soil a customized soil survey may be create. You all can improve on this with your property boundary polygon file. If you could work with NRCS on importing that into the WSS you can directly leverage their wonderful tool for landowners, what a boon that would be!!

An answer for this question has also been posted in the My Land Plan Community.

James - Great questions and ideas.

Regarding #1 - Printouts Currently, there is no printout functionality, but the concept of developing a "Print My Plan" or "Print My Map" capability is under consideration. Stay tuned.

Regarding #2 - KML import/export, web soil survey KML import/export is another great idea under consideration for power users who may have already mapped their land using Google Earth or other tools, or want to export their maps to other tools. Similarly, we are looking into options for direct upload from a GPS-enabled mobile device (i.e. iPhone, Android) and/or dedicated GPS units.

Regarding soil survey, we are considering options for WSS layers that would allow woodland owners to visualize their soil types and use the information to help make planting choices.