how do I change the appearance of my map?

There are too many lines, from drawing several plots, and it is colored green so I cannot see the details of the satellite view to figure out where I am. How do I change this?

Help is on the way!  We heard you – and we have acted.

Starting next Wednesday (May 1, 2013) we will take My Land Plan offline temporarily to launch these new features:

  • Easier-to-use mapping interface
  • Adjust line and fill colors on your map
  • Hide and show map layers
  • Add history and documents to your property profile

The new mapping features should really help address the problem you are encountering of not being able to differentiate between items on your map.  You will be able to adjust line and fill colors -- and turn layers on and off.

We expect that will be offline for only a few hours while we make changes. We’ll let you know when the new features in place. While you’re waiting for the new features to launch, drop over to the My Land Plan community at to share your ideas about what will make the tool even better for you.

Get ready for the new My Land Plan tools.

We think you’ll love the change.