How do i improve my woods for wildlife

I have had several groups come out to my property including NC fish and game, state biologist, retired forester and logging companies. Everyone tells me to do a burn but when I contacted the forestry service they will not burn it because it does not have enough pines and he said it has to many volatile fuels. How can I improve my area without having to go in the briars with a chainsaw and a ax which will take me several years to do?

Hello Jason,

Thanks for you question.  Sounds like you have gotten a lot of good advice but need some help getting the work done.  Have you looked into hiring a consulting forester?  He or she might be able to help you thin your woods to reduce the fuel load to a point that would allow you to safely burn

We also have some resources on creating wildlife habitat that might be helpful to you in our Creating a Home for Wildlife. 

We have some instructions available to help walk you through the process of finding a consulting forester.  We have over 460 foresters from around the country and through your account, you can Request a Consultation and share a read-only version of your map and goals. 

We also have some helpful content around Choosing a Consulting Forester and Finding and Hiring a Consulting Forester.

I hope this helps.

Caroline Kuebler

Program Manager for