I'm in unadilla,ga, clear cutting 9 acres or oaks, old pine stumps. Think of planting,persimmons,chest nut, saw tooth oaks, peaches,

elderberry, have a well in place. Is this wise or should I just plant various trees and take my time bout it. 240 yds x 200 yds long faces sw. Have a food plots where skid trails were.. What book would you recommend and should I have an expert come out and plan this.? thanks steve crain 407-908-1943

Hello Steve,

Thanks you for your questions.  Without being able to walk your land with your and understand your long term goals, it is hard to make specific recommendation.  I would recommend talking to a forester though.  He or she can provide good advice that is specific to the conditions on your land to help you achieve your goals.  If you don't have a forester, you can use the Forester Directory to find one near you. 

We also have some helpful content around Choosing a Consulting Forester and Finding and Hiring a Consulting Forester.  Before meeting with a forester, it would be good to have a map of your land and take some time setting your goals.  That will help ensure your meeting with the forester is productive and you get the recommendations you need.

Caroline Kuebler

Program Manager, MyLandPlan.org