As a member of AFF can I post a Tree Farm sign on my property?

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your interest in AFF and the American Tree Farm System. The Tree Farm sign is our sign of sustainability. It indicates that a landowner is committed to good stewardship and sustainably managing their woodlands. The sign is recognized both within your community and internationally through third party assessment that validate the landowners good management of their land. Only those landowners that meet our Standards of Sustainability can post the Tree Farm sign on their land. To learn more about the Standards, please visit: For a landowners that is interested ATFS, the first step is to work with a forester to develop a management plan that meets the ATFS Standards of Sustainability. ATFS has developed a management plan template ( that not only helps you meet the ATFS Standards, but also meets the Forest Stewardship program and the national NRCS cost share program requirements. MyLandPlan helps you as a landowner develop your parts of a management plan, the map and your goals for your land. Then you can share the plan with your forester if he or she is in our Forester Directory and they can work to develop the rest of your management plan. If you have any further questions about please feel free to contact me, Caroline Kuebler, at

Thanks for your interest!

Caroline Kuebler, Outreach Manager