New Timber Landowner. Completely Overwhelmed.

My wife and I just inherited 148 acres in the coastal foothills of NW Oregon. It is mostly trees that have not been managed properly, over-logged with brush uncleared and trees not replanted. We would eventually like a good portion of the land to be timber, with some areas set up for conservation, like the white oak grove and creek that runs through our property. We have no land management experience and have no idea where to begin or who to call, with little free time to do it either. Do we start with a forester to assess? Do all foresters cost to hire? Do we need to start with a forest/land management plan? Do we need a land survey? So many questions. Thanks!

Start with either your state forestry commission or your local extension service.  They should be able to examine your property, make suggestions, and point you in the right direction to get started.  Their services are usually free.