Questions about buying equipment to cut slabs of lumber from downed trees.

On my 85-acre tree farm, often a tree with good wood will be blown over. I want to salvage some of that value by cutting slabs for carpentry, gun stocks, furniture, etc. I want information about what equipment is recommended for a small portable mill and a ripping ripping chain for my chainsaw. Also, is there a existing place or method to advertise such dried or fresh slabs?

Another recommendation from a fellow landowner:

  • "I have been using a Norwood LM 26 bandsaw mill since 2012, which I purchased because we had so many hardwood logs left over after our timber harvest, far to many and too good to all be cut up for firewood.  It will handle up to a 26 inch diameter log and the mill bed can be extended to as long as required by adding extensions.  Larger mills are also available.  Norwood is an American made brand, which was a big plus in my choice.  The company holds an open house each spring at their Buffalo, NY facility, where visitors can view and run a variety of their mills, as well as discuss their needs with very knowledgable Norwood employees and experienced mill owners."

Hi David,

Thanks for your question.  I asked our MyLandPlan community for their suggestions and here is what I heard:

  • "I have a 40 acre walnut tree farm and purchased a bandsaw mill from Norwood Sawmill. They also have smaller chainsaw mills and an active owner web site to share information on sawmill related issues. ("
  • "There's always the Haddon Lumber Maker!?"

Here are more links based on those recommendations:

Thanks again to our MyLandPlan users for their recommendations and good luck with your salvage work!

Caroline Manager