is there a way to get a quantity of buckskin tamarack seedlings through any program in mi?


The Michigan nursery, the Wyman State Forest Nursery, doesn't have buckskin tamarack seedlings available.  They recommended talking to your local extension foresters as sometimes they have tree sales in the spring and they might have those seedlings available.  To find your local extension agents visit:

I did find an article on Collecting and Planting Seeds of Cone-bearing Trees:

You might also check with some of the private nurseries in the state, the DNR has a Directory of Michigan Seedling Nurseries.  They also have a page that talks about all the assistance programs for landowners.  You can also contact your state forestery agency to see if they can provide any additional information:

Please contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), Forest Resources Division Staff:

Hope that is helpful. 

Caroline Kuebler

Project Manager for My Land Plan