We have bug kills in a few trees. After these trees are gone. How do we keep the bugs out of the healty trees?

Hi Jana,

Thanks for your question.  The most important thing to do is to first identify what bug caused your trees to dies.  You can contact a forester who works for your state forestry agency or contact you local cooperative extension.  They can help you understand what bug caused the damage, how to deal with the dead trees and how to protect the rest of your woods.  

You can learn more about general things you can do as well as some of the common pests in each region in our Make It Healthy/Pests and Weeds section

And please feel free to ask another question on our site.  We have been able to help our My Land Plan users identify bugs on their land by connecting them with local experts, we just need to know what county/state you are in and what the bug in question looks like.

Thanks again for your question.

Caroline Kuebler

My Land Plan project manager